Mobile App Campaign - Watsons Water

First-ever mobile app in Hong Kong packaged beverage industry

Launch a mobile app to interact with digital-savvy customers throughout their entire lifecycle

Integrated With Mobile Phone Features

Provide innovative app features by integrating with back-end systems and database.

Data-driven Social Media Marketing

Convert online fans to profitable offline consumers through active social engagement.
Mob-Ex Awards 2018

Watsons Water is one of the most recognised bottled distilled water brand in Hong Kong. To influence consumers’ price-sensitive consumption behaviour, we helped Watsons Water run a loyalty program with the launch of a mobile app. With a broad campaign focusing on app user acquisition, activation and retention, we monitored the app and campaigns constantly and provide reports to Watsons Water.


    • Competition from lower-priced competitions
    • Consumers’ highly price-sensitive purchase consumption to homogeneous products
  • A lack of a direct interaction channel with digital-savvy end consumers


    • Developed a mobile app that handles everything from registration, QR code scan and gift redemption
    • Employed technologies for different mobile app gamifications to engage and retain members
    • Linked the app to customers’ social accounts to drive engagement across different platforms
  • Collected and analysed data on app users’ behaviour to draw valuable insights



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