Creative Video Production - Panasonic

Creative Video Designed for Social Media

Created viral video designed for cross-channel distribution on social media.

Cast the Right Actors

Find and audited the right actors to catch customers’ attention for maximum impact.

Integrated Digital Marketing Service

Boosted video effectiveness and customer engagement with advertisements on social media.


Video is an engaging instrument and a great way to capture customers’ attention. However, simply posting traditional video ads on social media will lead to poor performances, because content distribution is affected by technical issues like algorithms and differences in user behaviour and expectations. So what can Panasonic do to engage its customers?



    • Designed an engaging video with social media in mind
    • Liaised with famous talents to catch customers’ attention
    • Utilized challenges faced by target customer as main story plot
    • Adopted into multiple versions for cross channel publication
    • Introduced product as solution to an tricky problem