Content Marketing - Anmum

Highly Targeted Content Marketing Strategies

We provide information on the dietary needs and recipes for pregnant mums, written by professional nutritionist, to attract pregnant mums to our website You&B.

Data-Driven Customer Engagement

Through tracking login details and user traffic of the website, we are able to identify and engage the right customers.

Live Social Engagement Event

We broadcasted the first-ever Facebook Live series to answer questions from mums by a registered nutritionist.

Anmum is the leading maternal milk brand in the market. To identify targeted pregnant mums at the early stage, our content marketing strategies focus on evoking interest from targeted pregnant mums and hence identifying them out. By organising an event to provide special dining experience for pregnant mums, Aumum was able to engage customers from online to offline to complete the customer journey and deliver true value to target customers.


  • Difficulty in singling out targeted pregnant mums at early stage
  • Low penetration of maternal milk in Hong Kong market
  • General misconception on function and taste of the maternal milk powder


  • Developed Anmum YOU&B Dining Portal to provide over 100 nutritional diet guides advised by professional nutritionists
  • Resonated pregnant mums with content and hence identified target customers for further engagement
  • Organised a campaign to provide a dining experience incorporating milk products into dishes, redefining the ways of product trial and usage
  • Broadcasted the first-ever Facebook Live series to answer questions from mums by a registered nutritionist