Customer Loyalty Programme – Anmum

Agency of the Year Awards 2015 (Marketing magazine)


Project Background

  • Throughout the past two decades, Hong Kong’s CRM industry has been dominated by the traditional CRM 1.0 model. Heavily reliant on direct marketing, this model cannot help a brand evaluate its fans and customers to identify core influencers and further benefit from those spheres of influence. During this time, limited progress has occurred within the CRM sector while other industries have made the most of technological development
  • With a traditional CRM strategy, Anmum faced the same difficulties that undermined many other brands’ CRM practices, including inefficient traditional CRM performance, an incomplete membership programme and CRM database, as well as ineffective member recruitment


  • To make an insightful and revolutionary CRM strategy that would integrate the latest digital tools or elements into CRM
  • To facilitate recruitment and drive new members


  • Developed a full-service and big-data-centric CRM 2.0 strategy that is driven by Social, integrated with Mobile, and is empowered by Technology, i.e. SMART CRM
  • Set up an Anmum Mother Club with a Club CRM strategy
  • Managed database
  • Planned and executed CRM campaigns to meet client needs at different stages
  • Provided customer service support
  • Provided recruitment support
  • Performed premiums sourcing



  • A systematic CRM programme with a well-managed database, an effective recruitment flow, a full membership plan, a life stage strategy and a call centre that is favoured by members
  • Data analysis with insights
  • Increased conversion retention
  • Membership utility rate increased by 15% in 6 months
  • Doubled in members in 6 months


‘The Anmum Social CRM solution showcases Fimmick’s sharp insights into social marketing and CRM trends, and their full array of capabilities required for performance excellence. We have faith in the success of this one-stop solution, and we very much look forward to partnering with Fimmick to contribute to the advancement of Hong Kong’s CRM industry.’

Associate Marketing Director, Fonterra Brands