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Ecommerce Solutions & Promotions

Uncover the potential of your online store. Our experienced ecommerce team helps you build websites that stand out from the crowd, are easy to use, and are mobile-first. They can be equipped with chatbots, marketing automation platforms and CRM systems – ideal for multinational enterprises or fast-growing startups!

In addition, we offer top-notch data-driven marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and influencer marketing solutions to boost your online ecommerce business. Get started today!

Drive More Traffic and Sales for Your Online Shop

Ecommerce Website Design & Development

Successful ecommerce websites put customers first. We work closely with you to develop visually attractive e-shop websites, optimised for search engines and responsive to mobile devices. Together with easy-to-use admin panels and reporting facilities, we help you drive sales, enhance customer experience and reduce costs.

Google Search & Display Advertisement

Once your business is online, it is time to promote it so you can reach more customers. We promote your online store using a wide range of digital marketing tools, such as Google search ads, Google display ads, Google Shopping ads, and more, to boost traffic to your website and turn leads into conversions and sales.

Social Media Advertisement & Integration

Social media is a powerful driver of online sales. Not only are customers more likely to discover new products on social media, but the sense of community found on the platforms also boosts customer loyalty. Cultivate a following for your products with our social media marketing services and integration tools.

CRM, Chatbot & Messenger App Integration

Chatbots provide 24/7 customer support at next to no cost. From handling customer enquiries to offering product recommendations, chatbots are ideal additions to your online store. We offer chatbots for your website, Facebook pages and Facebook Messenger apps to ease your customer support workflow.

Why Choose FIMMICK

Experienced Team

Our award-winning team has worked with leading brands across industries and has extensive experience in ecommerce strategy, development, marketing and optimisation.

Data- and Results-Driven

We take the guesswork out of marketing. We leverage data and analytics to provide customer insights, personalised promotion, ai-powered product recommendation, pricing optimisation and more.

Creative and Innovative Thinking

We are more than a digital marketing agency; we are a creative thinking company. We excel at producing exciting and ground-breaking campaigns for our clients in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

End-to-end Solutions

We provide one-stop, integrated, end-to-end ecommerce solutions, including ecommerce platforms, programmatic ads, marketing automation, SEO, CRM, and more.

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