We deliver personal, innovative & tailored services to each and every one of our clients. Our expertise spans all aspects of digital marketing services and expanded into other industries, including customer relationship management (CRM), influencer marketing, social enterprise and more.

Fimmick CRM - 客戶服務管理
Fimmick CRM focuses on providing comprehensive customer relationship management services that help you acquire new customers, retain existing customers, reactivate inactive customers and ultimately stimulate higher spending.

We pioneered a new CRM model that integrates traditional CRM with social media, mobile and technologies to build a 360-degree view of your customers and connect them across channels.

With our products and services, we aspire to usher in a new era of CRM, changing the traditional CRM landscape forever.

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Adfocate - KOL、意見領袖、網絡紅人、影響力營銷
Adfocate is a community for authentic influencers. We aim to encourage the creation and curation of valuable content on social media. With years of expertise in social media and our neural network technology, we strive to create values for both brands and influencers.

We are unique in the industry, for we provide project monitoring, backend support and real-time reports to allow you more control over the projects. Brands can even promote their sponsored content directly through our platform for bigger impact.

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傳耆 Eldage - 社會企業、跨代溝通、手藝作品
Eldage promotes inter-generational communication, especially between people from the pre-internet era and digital age, through discovering people with craftsmanship, curating their stories of handicrafts, and co-creating communities with social engagement and mutual respect.

We offer workshops, shop visits, business collaboration, traditional and innovative products to businesses and public alike.

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Fimmick SMB - 中小企營銷及推廣服務
Fimmick SMB is a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals within Fimmick devoted to helping SMBs grow their businesses effectively and efficiently. Our packages are focused on driving revenue for your business and making every cent counts.

To learn how our unique approach to digital marketing can help your small and medium-sized business achieve success, contact us now!

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Fimmick SMB
Fimmick Academy - 數碼營銷網上課程
The world of digital marketing is spinning faster than ever. In order to keep up with the market, the most successful marketers are always learning new ways to reach and engage their audiences.

Fimmick Academy offers corporate training and workshops, in both standard and customised formats, to companies and organisations looking to advance themselves. From everyday know-how to in-depth industry insights together with real case studies, our experienced practitioners can cater to your needs.

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Fimmick Taiwan - 台灣台北數位行銷專家
Fimmick Taiwan is our overseas office in Taiwan.

If you are looking for innovative, creative and professional digital marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, short-term campaigns and long-term programmes, content marketing, video production, mobile first marketing, customer relationship management, and influencer marketing services in Taiwan, get in touch with us.

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Innopreneur - 創新、創業、創意
Innopreneur is an informative platform for inspiring creative thinking and exploring different possibilities for innovation. We provide news, advice and information on innovation, technology and entrepreneurship to inspire a new generation of “innopreneurs”. The platform also features in-depth sharing, interviews and guidance from top industry leaders on entrepreneurial challenges and success.
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