Our Company

Founded in 2008, we are a technology-based integrated digital marketing agency with offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Partnering with our clients, we apply a holistic approach to push boundaries of conventional digital marketing to deliver better results.

Our mission is to utilise digital to close the loop between online and offline, and build richer and more valuable relationships among brands, customers and fans.

 Fimmick’s team, known collectively as Fimmickers, boasts a considerable amount of expertise and talent.
As digital pioneers, we combine passion, intelligence, innovation and creativity, helping our clients revolutionise their digital marketing practices.

Our Management Team

Willy LaiCo-founder & CEO

With a background in information technology and a strong sense in digital marketing, Willy integrates his knowledge and visions into the business of Fimmick, a leading Hong Kong based digital marketing agency and the first local agency recognised by Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program as a PMD (Apps).

Willy helps clients through the whole digital marketing process making sure Fimmick delivers, if not surpasses on their clients’ expectations. His dedication and passion has gained continuous support from clients and led Fimmick to remarkable success, positioning it as a leading digital marketing agency and winning numerous accolades.

He regularly presents at various events and contributes articles to publications to share his experiences and insights on digital marketing.

Kenny YiuFounder & Chairman

Passionate, forward-thinking and an advocate of creativity, innovation and personalisation, Kenny has over 30 years of experience in the digital marketing and printing industry.

In the 1990’s, Kenny established Focus Imaging, one of the very first integrated local marketing agencies in Hong Kong that provided advertising, outdoor media, publishing and digital printing. With the same drive and philosophy to continue innovating and remain one step ahead of the competition, Kenny further expanded the business by transforming Focus Imaging into Fimmick, providing full service digital marketing solutions to businesses and their brands.

Kenny’s leadership, and his tireless energy and enthusiasm for identifying new trends has helped Fimmick position itself as one of the leading digital marketing agencies In Hong Kong, if not the region.

Kennedy Yiu, Co-founder & COO

Kennedy heads Fimmick’s operations and creative development, overseeing all aspects of human resources and the digital printing business.

With a 10-year track history in business ranging from banking to trading, Kennedy is one of the original members of the team that in 1995, formed Focus Imaging Limited (then Focus Printing Limited), the predecessor of Fimmick.

Kennedy is instrumental in establishing Fimmick’s management strategies, high-performing office cultures and developing a diverse and effective creative team.